I was planted in a family steeped in the traditions of the agrarian south. Hunting, fishing and an appreciation for southern architecture instilled in me a passion for nature and preserving the rural southern landscape. I spent days on the Wateree River, in the swamps and learning to swim in the black water of the Boykin Mill pond, teeming with snakes, fish, gators and birds(now that will make an impression on you!!). I was surrounded by a complex history while living at my father's ancestral home, Wannah Plantation. I was fascinated by the archaeological digs at Historic Camden, while my mother served as the first director. These memories shaped me as an artist and provided imagery in my mind’s eye that continues to find its way into my work today.

In recent years, I have become immersed in preserving my husband’s family home, Wavering Place, once again finding myself surrounded with the images of my childhood. The natural beauty and architecture, right down to the Japanese beetles that flock to the fig trees are all reminiscent of Wannah. Although many consider this imagery conventional in artistic terms, I enjoy the challenge of interpreting these images so that my work takes on a very nontraditional style. I have spent my career walking a fine line between art and design, but no matter what my medium is I know that my work is rooted in the same soulful place.

I seek beauty everyday in my surroundings and often it surprises me. The quiet trek down 261 through Boykin is all I need to find it. My life seems more complete and at peace when I glance upon the winter trees along fallow fields or catch a glimpse of a hawk dodging down for dinner. I am grateful for all that nature provides.



Adams earned a BFA from the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University and has over 25 years of experience in the art and design arena. Majoring in interior design, she worked as a commercial architectural designer for an international retail design firm in New York. Marshall Fields’ flagship store restoration was among several of her projects. She later returned to South Carolina and started her own decorative arts studio in Charleston where she produced paintings, painted furniture, accessories, murals and interior finishes. Before moving back to Camden, Adams worked in Gainesville, Florida developing designs for museums and theme park installations, including the Field Museum of Chicago and Busch Gardens in Tampa.

In 2004, Adams opened Lisa B. Studios and began producing a line of hand painted lamps that have been sold to retailers nationwide and featured in many publications including Coastal Living, Gotham Magazine, Southern Living and The Washington Post. She also produced custom lamps for Nordstrom and a private label for Russell and Mackenna, now known as Maine Cottage, a furniture company based in Maryland. With her focus returning to painting and restoration work at Wavering Place, Lisa no longer produces lamps, but it was a great run!

Her paintings have been shown in galleries in Camden, Columbia, Pawley’s Island, Edisto Beach and Charleston, South Carolina, as well as Gainesville, Florida, Washington DC and New Orleans and she has work in the collection of The Federal Reserve Bank.  She is also proud to have served on the board of the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts Foundation and currently serves on the board of the South Carolina Wildlife Federation.

Adams lives in Camden SC, just north of her hometown crossroads of Boykin. 

Lisa at Pawley's Island